The mission of the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is to nurture leadership within the congregation. The committee provides leadership training for members of the congregation and is specifically charged with developing a slate of officers and members-at-large for the Fellowship’s Board of Directors and for helping committees to development succession planning.

Committee members are also responsible for selecting and replacing members for the Leadership Development Committee. Nominees for the Board and the LDC are presented to the congregation at the annual meeting in May and are elected by the congregation at large. 

Committee Membership:

Membership on the LDC typically consists of three members, one of whom is the Convener, serving  their second of two years, and three members, one of whom is an Assistant Convener, serving their first of two years.  This is a closed committee sanctioned by the Board of Trustees.

Meeting Schedule:

While meetings are closed, input from the congregation is welcome. You may email the commitee chair at