WAY COOL SUNDAY SCHOOL is a hands-on, hearts-on approach to Sunday School. We utilize a fun mix of engaging activities that support learning and living our UU principles.  Learn more here.

All children and youth, regardless of age, should be registered for Religious Education in order to participate. Registration and classes are FREE. We ask visitors and guests to please register children after their third visit to a Religious Education (RE) class. 

PLEASE NOTE:  While we offer Way Cool Sunday School most Sundays during the school year and Way Cool Sunday "camp" classes during the summer, some Sundays are reserved for children to stay in an intergenerational worship service with their parents. Check the schedule to determine if children's classes are offered on a particular Sunday.

Sunday School Classes

Infants-2 Year Olds:  Nursery, Murray Room   

*** Available During Both Services; Up to Age 4 during 9am Service ***
Our youngest children will be cared for by dedicated Nursery Staff Robin Giddings and experienced volunteers.  Should you need a place to nurse or otherwise care for or settle your Nursery age child, we invite you to use our “Settling Room” located next to the Nursery in the Whitney Young Room.  There is a stereo in the “Settling Room” which may be tuned to hear the Worship Service.  Click here to learn more about the nursery.

3-4 Year Old Class:  Way Cool Too, Barton Room

(This class begins in the Worship Service at 11:00am and the children are dismissed to class after the story.)

Our Pre-Kindergarten class will begin the Way Cool Sunday School program.  Children in this class will have loving support as they begin to explore their faith community.  In an age appropriate way, the Leaders will introduce the UU Principles and help the young ones put our principles into action.  The class will get to spend time outside and children will have the chance to self-select some of their activities. 

Kindergarten-5th Grade:  Way Cool Sunday School, Emerson Thoreau Rooms

(This class begins in the Worship Service at 11:00am and the children are dismissed to class after the story.)

Way Cool Sunday School provides the format for HOW we do Religious Education with our K-5 graders. The format incorporates Worship, Social Justice, and Art, as well as hands-on class lessons which support our Principles

  • Every first Sunday of the month, all children and youth will Worship together in an All RE Worship Service in the Emerson Thoreau Rooms.
  • On the second and third Sundays, Leaders will engage the Way Cool class with a hands-on learning opportunity with brief discussion and afterward children will self select an activity.
  • The fourth Sunday is dedicated to community service and social justice – everyone in the Way Cool class works together to do something to make our community a little better.
  • Those rare fifth ‘Art’ Sundays are dedicated to creative expression. 

6th-8th Grade:  Coming of Age, Anthony Room

The middle school class will undertake  a year-long exploration of Religions of the World with the Neighboring Faiths program. The class will have the opportunity to visit other faith communities, host guest speakers, and engage in discussion about what they learn from the differing worship experiences. Studying a variety of faith traditions gives our youth the chance to think about the beliefs of others as well as explore more deeply what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.

9th-12th Grade:  Youth Council and UUTH Gruup

Youth engage in discussions on topics related to the seven principles, Unitarian and Universalist history and evolution, current societal struggles, and the moral imperative to live our faith out loud.  A team of dedicated volunteer Youth Advisors facilitate these Sunday morning conversations as well as assist the youth in planning a variety of social activities and social justice actions.  Every first Sunday of the month, youth will participate in Worship either with the other Religious Education classes or with the adults.


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