Small Group Ministry Meeting - Jul 30

After a recent successful introductory series, the full Small Group Ministry program will launch in September. Would you like to hear more about this wonderful way to connect with others on a deep and meaningful level? Come to our information session following today's service. We'll meet at 11:45 a.m. * Please join us! (* I'm sorry that I'm not certain which room we'll meet in.)


For all interested in learning about ReadWS's wonderful success improving the reading, writing, and spelling abilities of low-income children, please come to the informational session on Thursday, July 27 at 9:30 am - one hour max! Their Augustine Literacy tutors will begin working with Petree School students this fall and we hope more UUs will want to be trained to participate. Do come to hear all about this great program and enjoy some homemade refreshments and good company! For more information, reach Martha Eller at

Women's Retreat "Celebrating Our Stories"

Registrations are now open for the 2017 Women’s Retreat in the beautiful mountains at Laurel Ridge Conference Center. For those of you new to the retreat, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other women from the Fellowship. The retreat dates September 29, 30 and October 1. Cost is $225 for double occupancy including all meals. Please register by August 20. Some scholarships are available. Register on line at or contact Kathy Orms ( or another Retreat Planning Committee Member for more information.

"Bounty of Summer" is August First Friday Potluck Theme

Yes there really is going to be an August First Friday Potluck, if you all pitch in and help me pull it off.  I know we can count on people for set up and clean up so I am confident that this will be a very successful Bounty of Summer themed Pot Luck.  Let me know if you are willing to help with either set up or clean up.  The first Friday is August 4 and we start set up at 5:30 PM.  I hope to see lots of people there all tanned and happy. --Lucy Kaplan, 

Update From Building Maintenance Committee

Attention Fellowship Members.  Our sewer lift pump was 20 years old, rusted and on its last legs.  We had a new one installed this week at a cost of $7,000.  Flush away! Further on money matters, we are installing a monitored fire alarm system ($1,400)  to assure the safety of our building and friends.  This is a separate system from the burglar alarm that we had to install to prevent break-ins ($1,900).  Both systems require monthly monitoring fees but we are safe.

Yard Sale is September 16th... Get Ready!

Have you recently rummaged through your kitchen cabinets and found more coffee mugs than you'll ever use in your lifetime? Do you save all your gift bags in hopes of using them again someday, only to litter your hallway closet with paper products?  Then it's time to start organizing your extra baggage for our annual yard sale!  It's too hot to go outside right now anyway, so why not spend this time de-cluttering your home?!  Yard Sale donation drop-off is happening September 11 - 14 this year and is also listed on the UUFWS events calendar.  For more information on acceptable donation items, email Alex, our yardsale coordinator, at

Freedom School Community Dinner - July 17

This summer the Fellowship Social Action Council is providing support for the Freedom School at Trinity Moravian Church on Sunnyside Avenue. Freedom Schools are secular literacy programs aimed at curbing summer learning loss, increasing literacy, and closing the achievement gap. Our Fellowship is responsible for providing all the food and volunteer assistance for a meal for 80 people at the Freedom School and Anthony’s Plot at the Trinity Moravian Church on Sunnyside Avenue on Monday, July 17. We need donations of food and volunteers to set up, serve and clean up. To participate, please complete the form below by Friday, July 14. Contact Cynthia Dodge at with questions.