Please join in congratulating and thanking these members of our congregation who have most recently accepted new leadership roles at the Fellowship:
Suzanne Ackert - Membership Committee Chair
Ken Ostberg - Stewardship Committee Chair
Susan Campbell - Hospitality Team Coordinator
Joy Irwin - Chalice Lighters Coordinator
Riely Woosley - Grounds Team Scheduling Coordinator
We also thank these members who took on new leadership roles earlier this year:
Pat McKay - Worship Committee Chair
Ann Zimmerman - MultiCultural Team  Leader
Gregg Jamback - Annual Fund Drive, 2018 Campaign Chair
Susan Dye - Finance Committee Chair
Scott Thompson, Personnel Committee Chair
Terri LeGrand - Social Action Council Chair
Pat Bartholomew - Fun & Games Committee Chair
Patrick Brown - EcoSolutions Committee Chair
Our Fellowship is very fortunate to have a skilled and committed staff, but we are nonetheless dependent on generous gifts of time and talent from members/supporters to accomplish all we have undertaken.   Let us be grateful for the commitment of our leaders, look for opportunities to assist and support them, and answer the call as we can.
- Leadership Development Committee