Our Fellowship Choir is hosting the Annual Southeast District UU Choral Festival this weekend. Over 120 singers from nine area congregations will be here Saturday and Sunday to share music and fellowship. It's tremendously rewarding for the singers as well as for our congregation and community who are invited to two different concerts.
Saturday, September 29th, 7:30-9:30
Several of the individual choirs (including ours) will perform selections of their favorite music. Our congregation is invited to enjoy the concert and the wine/cheese/dessert reception that follows.
Sunday, September 30th, 10:30-12:00 (one service only, not two)
Our single Sunday service will feature the entire Festival Choir of 125 voices plus orchestra directed by Mignon Dobbins, performing Tobin Stokes' Missa Brevis Pro Serveto: A Mass for Unitarian Universalists. The Missa Brevis ("short mass") honors Michael Servetus, sixteenth-century physician and theologian, a martyr for his anti-trinitarian views which influenced the beginnings of the Unitarian movement. The text, by Unitarian Universalist Rev. Frances Dearman, is profound and complex, lifting up essential tensions: individualism and the beloved community, theological questioning and essential truth, emerging contemporary theology and the traditions of radical rational reform.
We hope you can join us for both concerts on this extraordinary weekend.
P.S. If you can, please help us show off our Fellowship and provide gracious hospitality to this very large crowd of guests by volunteering to help with food prep/service or table/chair logistics. We need many helping hands. You can sign up by clicking HERE - thank you!