Several Committees have asked about ways to let our Members and Friends know about special initiatives needing funding. These are items which our Fellowship has not been able to fund in the regular budget process. Recent donations of this sort have enabled us to install our high-tech security camera system and to appropriately fund our planned Website upgrade. Long-time members will recall our Approved Gift List which has served to communicate these needs in the past.  The updated version is shown below and the website version will be updated as needed.  Please consider funding these worthwhile items. This is such a lovely way to recognize our hard-working committee volunteers and enable them to do an even better job serving our mission. Remember, these special gifts are in addition to, and not in place of, your regular annual pledge.

1. Ice maker $2500 adequate; $3500 better. Talk to Tom Ricono
Building Supplies and Material
1. Replace door in RE due to outer bottom damage $980
2. Replace incandescent bulbs (not energy efficient) with LEDs $465
3. Begin replacing fluorescent tubes (contains mercury) with LEDs $430
4. Filter the foyer skylights to prevent summer sunshine from heating up the foyer $940
1. Professional headset microphone $250
2. Two new microphone stands $75 each
3. 1 regular Manhasset Music Stand  (48T = tall)  $65
4. 1 orchestral Stand #50 (with shelf for baton, pencil,) $70
5. Piano cover $340