There is no better way to meet new people and form deep bonds than to share a meal together. Now is the time to sign up for spring Dinner Circles.

The deadline to join a spring dinner circle is Sunday, January 28. Please complete the online form. If you haven't yet tried our Fellowship Dinner Circles, they're a great way to get to know other UUs. Join with a partner, as a single, or as a family with children. Dinner Circles are groups of 6-8 people (plus children for Family Dinner Circles) that commit to having dinner in one another's homes approximately once a month. Dates, times, and menus are chosen by the group. 

If you don't have a partner we can match you with someone to share hosting duties.

If you're in a dinner circle now and you want to take a break or switch to being an alternate, please email and let us know your preference. If we don't hear from you we will assume you want to continue! 

If you are in a dinner circle now and wish to continue participating in the next round, you do not need to do anything. You'll stay on the list! However, if you want to change your preferences, fill out the online form. We now have new choices.

If you want to be in a Family Dinner Circle, indicate that by listing the names and ages of your children. Otherwise, you will be placed in an adult only group.

If you have been in dinner circles with other couples previously multiple times and want to make sure you make new friends, please add that to the form so we can make sure that happens. The information will be kept confidential.

You will be contacted in early February with your assignment.

Sign up here: