Flowers for Dad! Flower Communion Service

Sunday, 06.18.2017
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
Fathering is a complicated topic, and sometimes it seems like just when a dad has parenting and partnering all figured out, the landscape changes. Sometimes the shifts are seismic. What makes a good dad, in this day and age? Wencelebrate our annual Flower Communion today, and honor dads (and others) with blooms from our gardens, the grocery store, or even wildflowers from the roadside.

Creating a Living Ministry: A Personal View

Sunday, 05.28.2017
Jeanette Leardi
Our guest speaker for this service is Jeanette Leardi, a teacher, writer and consultant. She is particularly interested in creative writing, journaling and writing for spiritual expression. Here is a quote describing her outlook:"Communication in all its forms is my passion. I believe that all successful ventures are based on relationship and that successful relationships are based on the clear, intentional sharing of ideas, needs, questions — and answers."

Process Theology

Sunday, 05.14.2017
The Rev. Dr. David Calhoun
Whether you accept or reject the idea of God, if your version of God is an anthropomorphic being of perfected human characteristics, your God is too small. Process theology offers a way to re-think the idea of God, outside the common attributes of omnipotence and omniscience (and coercion and punishment). Process theology affirms that humanity is free and responsible, and the future is not fixed and immutable. Sabbatical Support Minister the Rev. Dr. David Calhoun talks about the process of theology, and also the process of rejoining the congregation’s passion and our purpose with Rev. Lisa’s as we prepare to re-enter a collaborative covenant of shared ministry with her.

Living Purposefully

Sunday, 04.9.2017
The Rev. Dr. David Calhoun
Most people try to live productive lives, to attain goals and achieve competence in even little things, and thus work towards greater achievements. Living purposefully includes our relationships with each other and the earth, too. What is the role of self-discipline in this human quest? Sabbatical Support Minister the Rev. Dr. David Calhoun examines the questions.

Living Assertively

Sunday, 03.26.2017
The Rev. Dr. David Calhoun
I have a right to exist, and I can honor my wants, needs, and desires and seek appropriate ways to fulfill them in reality. I treat myself and others with respect in all encounters, even as I actively oppose what I disapprove of. Living assertively looks good on paper, but truly affirming and living by our values has some hidden challenges. The Rev. Dr. David Calhoun, the Fellowship’s Sabbatical Support Minister, delves into the topic.

On the Willows: Embracing Holy Disruption

Monday, 03.20.2017
The Rev. Liam Hooper
We explore the conditions of our time as these relate to the modern "exile" of gender-diverse persons, our co-occurring exploitation and oppression, and the potential for lessons learned about spiritual transformation applicable to all of us who seek some deeper connection with Holiness in human relationality. The Psalm we consider was written during the exile of the Hebrew people as they wrestled with how to be people of God in diaspora and oppression, how to sing songs of praise in persecution, and how that very wrestling transforms our faith and our sense of community.