We Have Nothing to Lose But Our Chains

Sunday, 10.16.2016
The Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz
Racial tensions that once simmered on the back burner of American life have recently boiled over, and continue to be hot and messy. Out of the stew has arisen a movement called Black Lives Matter. What is the Unitarian Universalist response to the BLM movement, and how can we be powerful allies in this latest struggle for full civil rights?

The Roads Taken: Honoring Our Faith Journeys

Sunday, 09.25.2016
Jeanette Leardi
Our Unitarian Universalist principles support the seeking of religious truth based on personal experiences, and on respecting others’ searches, wherever they may take them. But do we really live up to our principles? Or do we tend to characterize certain searches as misguided and naïve? And can we truly embrace religious tolerance without sacrificing a commitment to justice in the world? We look at these questions with the aim of finding a bridge between personal faith and social interdependence.

Resistance Is Futile: Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Revolution

Sunday, 08.14.2016
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
To say that we are in the midst of an intense social and cultural upheaval seems like an understatement. In the midst of a massive tectonic shift, is it even possible for a faith community to stay relevant, and have a chance to shape the human community? Rev. Lisa is back from summer study of a question she plans to delve into on sabbatical (1/19/17 through 5/19/17): What’s ahead for congregations, mission and ministry in the next decade?

Coming Home to Yourself... (Prior to the Pigpen)

Sunday, 08.7.2016
The Rev. Robert Hughes
There is a story about a young fellow who “came to himself” while feeding pigs in an alien land. It was an especially rude awakening for a Jewish kid in ancient Israel. Have you ever “come to yourself” in a similarly gritty and gross moment? And, wouldn't it be better if we could wake up prior to the pigpen? UU minister and social worker Bob Hughes will consider some ways we might become more aware of our fragmented relationships with ourselves and with one another, and how those connections might be restored or enhanced.

Jesus the Revolutionary

Monday, 07.25.2016
The Rev. Dr. Earl Crown
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German Lutheran pastor and anti-Nazi crusader, wrote about the limitations of religion: It is otherworldly, concerned primarily with individual salvation, and its observance is limited to Sunday. What would it look like if religion, instead, was the center of daily life? The Rev. Dr. Earl Crow, recently retired from teaching at High Point University and currently a weekly religion columnist for the Winston Salem Journal, discusses the revolutionary religion of Jesus.

Heart-Won Lessons from a Global Journey

Sunday, 07.10.2016
Tracy Hollister
Why has support for the freedom to marry grown so quickly in the U.S. and around the world? With pictures, music, and stories, Tracy Hollister, LGBTQ activist and member of the UU Fellowship of Raleigh, takes us along on her global journey to 12 countries to answer this question. Through lessons from LGBTQ people and the movements in their countries, Tracy sheds light on what we as Unitarian Universalists can continue to do in the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ rights –– as well as what she learned about herself in her year-long journey.