The annual Fellowship rUUmage (Yard) Sale is Saturday September 16, 2017

Donation drop-off September 11-14.  Donation Rules.

Looking to get rid of some of your unused clutter around the house? 
Want to brag about getting a head start on Spring cleaning?
In the dog-house with the significant other and need to earn some brownie points?
Want to make a difference in your community by supporting the work of the Fellowship in a meaningful way?
Looking for some FANTASTIC deals at one of the biggest yard sales in the Triad?

Look no further than the annual Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Winston-Salem Yard Sale!

Drop-off for yard sale donations takes place the week before the big event. There will be volunteers on-hand to help with unloading so if you can drag it here, we'll take it off your hands. However, with all things in life there are rules and there and certain things we just can't take. 

  • No computers
  • No televisions
  • Nothing flammable
  • No live animals (Cages and leashes are fine, just remove the animals first.)

Speaking of volunteers, we could really use help with donation receiving and organization during the sale. If you'd like to lend your time and talent while having a ton of fun (and getting early access to the fabulous deals), sign up using this form

The Fine Print:

Donate Things Like This:

  • books/cds/dvds
  • furniture & rugs
  • linens, bedding, and pillows
  • crafts, crafting supplies, and seasonal decorations 
  • kitchen and home items
  • small (working!) appliances 
  • Tools
  • Art – sculptures, paintings, empty picture frames
  • Children’s items - toys and games 
  • Camping, Outdoor, or Recreational Equipment
  • Jewelry – Please put in baggies before donating!!
  • Luggage and Accessory Bags – Including reusable shopping bags!

DON'T Donate Things Like This:

  • Clothing, Shoes, or Clothing Accessories (Belts, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, etc.)
  • Electronics*
    • Computers and/or Laptops
    • Old CellPhones
    • Media Players (CD, Cassette, Etc)
    • Printers
    • TVs
    • Stereo Systems
  • Food, Drink, Vitamins, or Supplements
  • Plastic Cups or Travel Mugs 
  • Used Medicinal, Health, or Personal Hygiene Products (Ew!)

* Small radios or other electronics that can easily be plugged in and tested for functionality on site are OK.

What shape should my stuff be in?  If it’s really, really beat up and dirty, please don’t donate it through us.  Remember, this is stuff people will be buying to use in their homes and we want stuff that’s still got lots of life left in it.  If you have the time and can run stuff through a dishwasher before you donate, it will help us get a better price!  

When can I bring my stuff?  

  • Monday Sept 11th – Thursday Sept 14th during normal business hours and up til 9 PM.  
  • We will NOT accept items on Friday, Sept 15th, as this is pricing day
  • All items should be placed INSIDE, at the BACK of the fellowship hall
  • DO NOT leave donation items outside the doors.  

What happens to all the stuff we don’t sell?  At 2 PM on Saturday a nice big truck from the National Kidney Foundation shows up and we load all the unsold items into the back.  And then we clean up the fellowship hall to make it look like the sale never happened. 

Can I shop early?  I’m so glad you asked.  Only people who have volunteered to work setting up or running the sale are allowed to shop early!!  If you want to look over and buy some bargains for yourself, please sign up to volunteer.  We need people to sort and place items on the tables, price the items and then clean up when the sale is over.  Evening and daytime hours are available and no experience is necessary!

WE NEED STRONG BODIES!!  Please consider volunteering ON THE DAY OF THE SALE just to help haul people’s purchases to their cars – especially if they’ve bought furniture!!

You can also sign up under “Other” to volunteer as a loader/hauler/delivery person for those folks who want to donate large items but just don’t have the time or capability to transport their goods to the fellowship building.  Just leave your name and contact info with me.  I will then put you in touch with people who have requested help.  However, if you want to do this, it will be your responsibility to communicate with the person(s) who need the help and schedule pickup times, etc.

That’s it!!  To volunteer, just sign up!! How?