The Social Action Council (SAC) is one of the standing committees of the Fellowship. The committee was redesigned as a voting council empowered to shape a social justice ministry that reflects the guiding principles of Unitarian Universalism. To accomplish this, the council supports, educates, and guides the congregation toward projects and statements of justice in the larger community.

Committee Activities:

Some of the projects SAC has engaged the Fellowship to undertake include:

  • Diversity Education in our Schools
  • LGBTQ Educators Conference
  • Justice for Immigrants in our Community
  • Petree Elementary
  • Freedom Schools
  • Crisis Control Ministries
  • ReadWS
  • Winston-Salem Local Organizing Committee
  • Public Defender Clothing Drive
  • Community Clothes Closet
  • Women's Fund

Meeting Schedule:

The Social Action Council (SAC) meets on the second Sunday of every month at 12:15pm in the Library.
All are welcome to attend the meeting. If you have a project idea, or just an area of passion, the best way to get that project rolling is to bring that interest to the next SAC meeting.

Social Justice Documentaries & Dialogue meetings are held once a month, in conjunction with the Parkway United Church of Christ (UCC) and provide a way to learn more about pertinent issues and find out how to engage.  At each meeting, a social justice issue is highlighted through showing of a documentary, followed by a lively discussion.  Community leaders facilitate the discussion and other faith communities are invited to attend.  The meetings alternate sites between the Fellowship and UCC and are held on the third Thursday of the month.  See the Fellowship Calendar for more information.

Volunteer Skills Needed:

SAC needs passionate members who are willing to be in action concerning injustice and inequity in our community. In general, desirable skills might include:

  • team work
  • integrity
  • creative problem solving
  • persistence
  • open mindedness

The Social Action Council encourages congregants to suggest and conceive of their own local projects and actions. The Council will support and assist individual actions whenever possible, but congregants are empowered to undertake actions as they see fit. Individual actions, however, cannot be undertaken in the name of the Fellowship. The Social Action Council may implement and/or coordinate social justice action that engages the entire Fellowship, but only with approval of the Board of Trustees. If you have an idea, feel free to contact SAC to discuss.