Pastoral Care

  • Our Minister routinely provides counsel, care, support and guidance to members in need.
  • Our Director of Religious Education is also available for family counsel and is a mentor to all our children.

Joys and Concerns

  • Joys and concerns shared on Sunday mornings allow members to connect with one another. Some joys and concerns are shared over coffee after service, some are shared symbolically during the service, and a few are read or spoken aloud. Sharing our significant life events promotes connections and emotional support.
  • Members may use an online form to submit a joy or concern to be read aloud. 

Our Care Team

  • The Care Committee assists the minister in pastoral work by providing expressions of emotional and tangible support to members experiencing bereavement, illness and other life crises. 
  • Members of the congregation are encouraged to make referrals to the committee by e-mail, by phone or in person. The website also has an online form where members may report care needs.
  • To contact the Care Committee, email the chair of the committee.

Support Groups

  • Support groups on the topics of bereavement/grief and separation/divorce are formed periodically.
  • The Fellowship also offers many opportunities for small group social or spiritual interactions through which we support one another.
  • If you’d like help finding a support or small group to join, please contact our member coordinator.


  • The Memorial Committee, in conjunction with the minister, assists in planning memorial services. They also manage and maintain the memorial stones and garden. 
  • Life-crisis forms are available for members to complete so that the family, the minister and the committee know the particulars of a member's wishes upon their death. 
  • To contact the Memorial Committee, email the chair of the committee.