Becoming a Member

Membership is open to those 16 years of age or older. Membership involves sharing your philosophy, listening to the perspectives of others and building a community together. Membership means making a commitment to the Fellowship and agreeing to be in a relationship of giving and receiving. Membership results in lifelong learning, connections and friendships. 

The Pathway to Meaningful Membership

The decision to join a spiritual community should never be taken lightly or without a process of contemplation and discernment. Before deciding to join, we recommend that you:

  • Attend worship services for two or three months;
  • Learn about Unitarian Universalist history;
  • Participate in social gatherings, community outreach and/or small group opportunities;
  • Meet one-on-one with the minister;
  • Attend the Pathways to Belonging class (this is recommended prior to joining, sign up here). 
  • Attend the Pathways to Membership class (recommended after joining). 

When a decision has been made to join, please contact the Fellowship office to arrange a time to sign the membership book and address other administrative details.

A Member’s Responsibilities

Each member contributes to the life of the Fellowship in many important ways. Since the community is self-supporting, we rely on the time, talent and gifts of our members.

  • Making a regular monetary donation is essential. Fellowship policy requires an annual recorded contribution in order to maintain the rights of membership, though no minimum amount is suggested. The Fellowship simply asks that all members give as generously as their circumstances allow. 
  • For the Fellowship to function as a transformative community, it’s also essential for members to share their time and talents. There are many opportunities to do so. Our volunteer/member coordinator can help you get involved.

Marjorie on guitar, entertaining Frank and GaryA Member’s Rights

The Fellowship is a democratic organization and every member gets a say in issues that matter to them. Members annually vote on incoming leaders and the budget, and less frequently on other important issues, such as the purchase and disposition of property and calling a minister. Members are eligible to serve in a wide range of leadership positions and in those roles manage the budget, maintain building and grounds, direct social action, and more.

Further Benefits of Membership

The Fellowship strives to include all members in its caring embrace, especially during life passages and crises. Since it’s understood that members are financially supporting the Fellowship, members can access the services of the minister for memorial services and weddings at no cost, scatter family ashes in the memorial garden at no cost, and rent the building at a reduced rate.


While membership is not required to participate in congregational life, attend events and classes, and serve on non-elected committees, it is encouraged. Only members may vote on matters that come before the congregation and only members may chair committees or serve on the Board of Trustees.