The work of countering racism is the work of building relationships. Our Fellowship is responding to a friendly invitation from Mount Moriah Outreach Center, 317 Jefferson Street in Kernersville, to pitch in with their food justice ministry. Note that they are not strapped for volunteers or for cash or canned goods, they're just inviting us into relationship with them.

Mount Moriah is a predominantly black congregation whose food justice ministry serves mostly white people -- an interesting dynamic that is a mirror image of our own. In addition to their traditional "Food Bank" offerings they also have a multi-acre sustainable food garden and keep both chickens and bees. Every third Saturday we're invited to pack boxes (8 a.m.), eat breakfast (c. 9:30 a.m.), help check in clients (11 a.m.) and carry food to their cars (till 1 p.m.). Come for all or part of the work. For more info on carpooling contact Martha Eller at, or Rev. Lisa Schwartz at