On December 16, we were able to successfully approve our 2019 budget, which generously included money for the Stewardship Committee. This money will hopefully allow us to put in place some creative solutions around our fellowship's need to connect to the mission of "Stewardship". We make so many important contributions to our community and within our own walls, and although there may be many uncomfortable emotions connected to discussions of money, it is a fact that much of what we do can not be done without the continuation of monetary commitments from fellowship members. There is an intricate connection.  I began my work with the Stewardship Committee in May 2018 as a committee of 2, including myself as chair. I was lucky enough to secure the commitment of several other good-hearted volunteers to help with the Annual Fund Drive, and for this I am much appreciative. The fact remains, the stewardship of this fellowship is critical and somewhat lacking, and I need help. "Stewardship: the activity or job of protecting and being responsible for something." Protection and Responsibility.  Please consider joining me in this important work in 2019. You may email me at stewardship@uufws.org. Thank you, Ann Roberts.